Legacy: Honoring the Pomo People

Through paintings and photographs, Sandy Eastoak and Christine Cobaugh share some of their work that has been inspired by Pomo culture and the sacred land we all inhabit.

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Sandy Eastoak

Dancer and Pelicans

I love the spiritual nature of Pomo Dancing. Dancing is offered as prayer. I painted this during the Gulf spill. I don’t know that this boy was praying specifically for the beings of the Gulf, but many dancers were.

Dancer and Turtle
dancer & turtle  

even the
far away
to health
by the
of the

Thunder Woman and The Pomo Boy

thunder woman & the pomo boy

he is so small
his feather skirt
shocking up & away
the wind of his
tiny feet


a slow dance
brings him to
animal stealth

he convinces
the rabbit spirit

he protects
             to come


Essie Parrish, 1902-1980

Essie Parrish is remembered for many things, including being an Indian doctor, historian, Spiritual Leader, basket maker, and for preserving Kashaya Pomo Indian culture.

Dancer and Swallows

Pomo dancing and the health of the Laguna de Santa Rosa thrived together for millennia before Europeans came. Here the beauty and speed of the dancer mingle with the beauty and speed of the Laguna’s swallows.

dancer & swallows

she dances

as her people

have danced for

1000s of years

so bravely

so beautifully

calling the swallows

back to full


feasting on

mosquitoes no poison

the wrongs of

men & women



Bark House

Graton Rancheria represents both Pomo and Miwok people, who share elements of history and culture. This bark house, while similar to a Pomo structure, is part of the Miwok restoration at Point Reyes. This bark house was saved during the recent coastal and Point Reyes fires.


Salmon Heart of the People

Pronghorn Deer

When Pomo villages thrived along the Laguna de Santa Rosa, so did herds of pronghorn antelope. This painting is a dream and a prayer for their return.


This ceremonial round house is part of the recreated Coast Miwok village at Kule Loklo, located a short walk from the visitor center at Point Reyes National Seashore.

Christine Cobaugh

Pomo Dancers: Metini Day 2018 and 2019, Ft. Ross.