Briny & Rich

A patient and heartfelt introspection of discovery through the lens of an avid outdoorsman. The Sonoma Coast has played such an incredible role in my life’s journey. Through salt air, pleasant winds, captivating vistas and the slow pace of seaside life; this place has brought me peace and serenity during my most tumultuous periods of unrest. A short drive effectively transports me into a foreign world filled with adventure around every bend and solitude pouring over the landscape like the mighty Pacific. This is my sanctuary and refuge from all of life’s many stressors.

Nathan Westfall is a local photographer who utilizes the healing power of art and nature to alleviate negative feelings brought forth by post-traumatic stress. After nine years enlisted and four rotations overseas, Nathan left the military and devoted his life to selfless service and bringing beauty to the world instead of war. By sharing the incredible environment around him, he hopes that other can feel that peace as well.

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