Welcome to Inside Out There.

It’s a place to stay connected while enjoying and supporting the incredible arts and culture, food and beverages, fun and sense of citizenry we love about Santa Rosa.

It’s a market for merchants and makers, keepers of shops, bars, inns and more to bring their goods and incredible goodness to our community. 

It’s a showcase for the artists who make us us. In paint and piano and everything in between, all playing together to create something entirely ours. 

What it’s not is yet another static list of businesses just for Covid 19. Inside Out There is by and for the people of Santa Rosa. Your input and participation are what makes it work now, and what will keep it a treasured part of our community for years to come.

This is Santa Rosans celebrating what a disease can’t contain – our infectious passion for working and playing and laughing and loving and dining and drinking and dancing and running and riding and hiking and creating and, just, being…together. 

So, check back regularly, follow us on social media and add your idea for content you think will help keep Santa Rosa (inside) out there. 

Can social distancing bring us closer? 

Let’s find out.  Together.